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Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:07 pm
by Gamall
Jc61990 wrote:works only on their server
... because they must use an ad-hoc workaround such as that one or something equivalent, which requires privileged access to the server blah blah blah. That doesn't mean that whatever method they used cannot be made to work on any server with sufficient access.

Knowing in which languages it has allegedly been written is absolutely irrelevant: the interesting questions are

-> which method did they use ? Log downloading (yuck!) ? serv stdout transmission via an external service / an homemade mod ? Fake player (I doubt that) ? Something else I haven't thought of ?

-> can you get your hands on it ? (if the answer is no, the guy has been pulling your leg.)

-> Better still, can you get your hands on the source ? Now that would be constructive.

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:38 pm
by Jc61990
i dont think he would let me get the source or the program if they used it for them and made by them. i can ask which member has developed it since i am pretty close to this clan i might be able to get somthing

oh and their not lieing to me about it cuz i asked some 1 else about it too

[12:50] .-Ðú§†ãLk* ™.: hey sup man
[12:50] 'JC² ツ: do u know who wrote the program One uses to talk to people in the server?
[12:52] .-Ðú§†ãLk* ™.: umm fro i think
[12:53] 'JC² ツ: i was talking to one yesterday he was telling me about it cuz i thought it was a random program so i was looking around for it
[12:53] 'JC² ツ: yea since it was made by thc then i guess its not released
[12:53] 'JC² ツ: well thx anyway
[12:54] .-Ðú§†ãLk* ™.: np man..yea sry its just distributed to members :/
[12:55] 'JC² ツ: one said it was made in C++ maybe i can talk to fro and get a concept of it like how it works then try to make somthing like it in
[12:56] .-Ðú§†ãLk* ™.: yea i know it was made in C++ and uses java stuff in it
[12:56] 'JC² ツ: yea he said it had a java GUI

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:47 pm
by Jc61990
oh and does the QCmd linux version work on Mac?

Edit: Nope guess not

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:12 pm
by Gamall
No, the binaries certainly won't work on Mac.

But, if I had a Mac, I could definitely compile QCmd for Mac. When I release the source, anybody will be able to do so.

If there is any kind of Win32 emulator for Mac, such as Wine for Linux, the Win32 binaries might work with it though.

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:45 pm
by Gamall
Gamall wrote:As for how, the idea is simple: having a program read the standard output of the server's process and transmit it to a client program on your machine. That way you would see what's happening in your server as though you were reading its console directly.

Assuming Linux and using a pipe, it is a straightforward socket programming exercice. Either find another coder willing to do it, or wait for me to have some free time for that (not until mid-summer. With luck).
I had some free time (well, between two exams, actually...) and I made a proof-of-concept in OCaml, which transmits its standard input to a telnet client. And it is quite as simple as I thought.

Now I'll have to find time to implement necessary features before releasing anything (again, don't know when)
  • password protection (or anybody can spy on everything that happens on your server, including password changes... We don't want that, do we ?)
  • logs
  • etc.
The release will
  • Only work on linux-based servers (of course the clients can use any OS. Even mobile phones etc: all you need is telnet)
  • Be a server, that is, support many concurrent clients (right now it is already the case, but the logic is wrong with several clients)
  • be Open-Source. (under the GNU GPL)
edit: has been released here

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 5:15 pm
by The_Barbarian
Hello I have been using version 0.1 and its been working well except for this "Answer [ÿÿÿÿprint"

anyway ive been tring to use this new verion 0.2d but it comes back with an error

Incorrect runtime arguments ! Run './qcmd' to see help.

I am running Debian and tring to connect to a COD4 server which was working in version 0.1

the command im using is :-
./qcmd -ip -p xxxxx -c rcon mypass status

any ideas


Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 4:37 pm
by Gamall

The error message is more than quite explicit, and contains the answer to your question:
The_Barbarian wrote:Incorrect runtime arguments ! Run './qcmd' to see help.
Version 0.1 is a totally different program from versions 0.2+, and command-line arguments are different.

You might want to read the readme for version 0.2, as it has many more features than 0.1. The "direct query mode" of 0.2 is equivalent to 0.1, so your command would become

Code: Select all

./qcmd +q IP PORT rcon mypass status

Again, reading the readme is a very extremely good idea. That's the reason why I wrote it, you know... :D

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:38 pm
by Gamall
by mail (no support by mail, this topic is the right place for questions :-p) wrote:Hi there,

I found your 'qcmd' program for sending commands to Quake 3 games on the command-line. It's very useful, thankyou!

I'm currently writing a linux game server administration program (for resale), and would be interested in using your 'qcmd' to talk to various game servers (rather than reinventing the wheel and writing my own :) ).
So I'd like to know, what kind of license is this program released under and/or what price could I buy it from you to use in my administration program?

[email withheld]

Actually, the source is under the GNU GPL; this is more or less necessary for the "ingame message through fake player" feature: the source for Quake3 , and the code by Luigi Auriemma which I used are themselves under the GPL (I need q3's implementation of huffman to simulate the first steps of a player's connection to the server).

However this only applies to the C code which handles low-level communications. 95% of Qcmd is Ocaml code, and this could be released under any license. It happens that I have chosen the GPL for this part also. I have not distributed the source code yet because I was not satisfied with it (it was my first non-trivial OCaml program), and I was hoping that I would get around to doing some serious cleaning up before anybody asked for it. Of course, I lost interest in the project long before that happened...

So, what now?

-> I am going to do some archaeological searches for the source files of qcmd 0.2d (and the never-released 0.3 version), remove object files and other junk, bundle them and distribute them under the GPLv3, as I should have done years ago. [eta ~1 week, I have other work to do right now]

Note that, if you don't want to use the fake player feature or anything similar, basic communication with a Q3 server is fairly trivial to implement in any language, so you don't need to use my code (or Auriemma's, or id soft's) directly, though you may find some ideas in it. Once you have implemented your own communication layer (roughly an afternoon's work, taking Murphy's law into account), you can write your prog under any license that floats your boat.

Some useful links about Q3 protocol: ... -Territory / ... 70730A.pdf ... server.txt ... svn43&r=43
I used some other documents when I wrote the program, but I can't seem to find them again.

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:49 am
by cometfish
Hi, first off, sorry for emailing, but I did not see any topics here in the past 12 months, so I wasn't sure if the forum was active or not :)

Thanks for your reply, that is very informative. I'll look forward to seeing the full files for the qcmd program, and would also be very interested to see the features of the 'never-released 0.3 version'. Don't feel you have to rush though, there is no hurry - just whenever you get a spare moment :P

Thanks also for the links, I will check them out.


Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:01 pm
by Gamall
Gamall wrote: [eta ~1 week, I have other work to do right now]
And of course, guess what I forgot this week...

I'll try and do that tomorrow.

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:28 pm
by Gamall

Code: Select all

                              Gamall Wednesday Ida,
                              Tuesday 16 March 2010

QCMD posthumous source code release.

This is the source code for QCmd, versions 0.2d and 
the never-released 0.3 version. 

Though the source code was always under the GPL
(see LICENSE file) I had not released it at the
same time as the binaries; this was my first 
non-trivial OCaml program, and I had planned
to do some serious cleaning before releasing it.
I know now that this was a mistake.

Of course, the 'serious cleaning' never came,
and I lost interest in the project. I release
the code today because someone had the crazy
idea to ask for it, and I was lucky enough to
exhume it from under a layer of sedimented dust 
which would have discouraged any reasonably sane 

I suppose the source in the folder labelled 0.2d
will compile to the exact same binary which was
shipped as 0.2d. I have no idea what the source
in the 0.3 folder does, so don't ask. I remember
I had a lot of ideas for it, but not what those
ideas were or whether I managed to implement them.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is:
"Use at your own risk".


Legal note: 

Re: Quake3 Server Commander v0.2

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:42 pm
by ailmanki
Thanks you for this rcon tool!
Works great with Ubuntu and Enemy-Territory.

I compiled the 0.3 (aka 0.2e) and it seems it does not complain about protocols, like 0.2d. But I am not sure yet. Have to use it some more ..